Services for Foreigners in Belo Horizonte

As a school that only hires native English speakers, we are intimately familiar with the struggles that foreigners go through when they move to Belo Horizonte. We offer a full package of services to both our teachers and the larger foreigner community in Belo Horizonte to make their transitions as smooth as possible. 

To start off, we recommend joining a few of the online communities here in Belo Horizonte. You’ll be able to stay updated with events going on in the city, as well as job announcements, apartment listings, and other useful information.

Minas International ( MI is a not for profit organization whose mission is to connect English speakers living, working, and doing business in Minas Gerais, Brazil through networking, education, social and community service programs.

BH Gringo NetworkThe BH Gringo Network helps link ex-pats/ foreigners (as well as Brazilians who are willing to help) in Belo Horizonte in a seamless, relaxed way so as to make the best of life in BH and Brazil.

Portuguese for Foreigners Classes

If you live in Brazil, you need to learn Brazilian Portuguese. There’s no getting around the fact that English isn’t very widely spoken by people here in Belo Horizonte and that if you want to be a part of this community you need to speak Portuguese.

At ELS we offer Portuguese for foreigners classes at an affordable price for our fellow gringos living in Belo Horizonte. Our Portuguese classes are administered by Brazilians who are also fluent in English.

Our classes are conducted entirely in Portuguese from day 1, and we teach you Portuguese that you can start using as soon as you step outside of the classroom.

Classes can also be offered via Skype.

Portuguese for Foreigners

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Visa Counseling

Health Services for Foreigners

Medko is a service in Latin America that helps expats and travelers find specialists by language and specialty and then directly message them online. Medko is quickly growing in Belo Horizonte and helps eliminate the uncomfortable (and potentially dangerous) language barriers in your travels.

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Legal Services for Foreigners

What do you do if you find yourself in need of professional legal assistance while you’re in Brazil?

Surviving Brazil’s legal system can be a nightmare if you try to do it by yourself. ​Don’t waste your time dealing with a foreign bureaucracy, call us instead.

We’ve partnered with Belo Horizonte’s leading English speaking law firms to provide you with the best legal assistance​ possible. 

Need your documents legalized? Buying an apartment? Need to legally separate from your spouse? Find yourself the defendant in a lawsuit? No matter what the situation is, our partner law firms can assist you.

Interpretation Services

Does your company require an interpreter to negotiate an important business deal in Brazil?

Our trained interpreters can help you ensure you have a successful trip to Brazil. Our team is capable not only of translating the words they use, but to decode the culture of what they are actually saying, so you’ll know what’s really going on in a negotiation. ​