Portuguese for Foreigners

Where to take Portuguese classes in Belo Horizonte?

Are you having a hard time understanding what is going on around you?

You’ve probably realized by now that if you’re going to live in Belo Horizonte that you need to speak Portuguese. Not a lot of people here speak English and you miss out on a lot of opportunities if that is how you try to communicate with people here.

Fortunately at ELS we have the solution for you.

Our Portuguese for foreigners classes are designed to help you start speaking Portuguese as soon as possible so that you can start making connections with your Brazilian friends and family.

Our classes are conducted entirely in Portuguese to simulate the immersion environment that you’ll find in the real world.

We offer small group classes and individual classes depending on your needs. Call or come visit us to start learning Portuguese today.​

Our Portuguese Teachers:



Belo Horizonte, MG


Belo Horizonte, MG


Belo Horizonte, MG

Hear what some of our previous students say:


“I wanted to learn Portuguese to be completely integrated into life in Brazil. ELS provided great instruction in both group and tutoring sessions combined with a fun and welcoming environment.”  -Travis, 32

“I wanted to learn Portuguese out of necessity as I am currently working in Brazil…and I love Portuguese! ELS has definitely helped me improve. Viviane is an outstanding teacher because she makes learning fun! I know the classes are “working” because Brazilian friends have commented on how my Portuguese has improved significantly over the last 6 months.

ELS has a real knack for creating a wonderful learning environment. It is the kind of place where you really look forward to hanging out with the teachers and students during class.” – Laura, 41



Belo Horizonte, MG

Do you want to improve your Portuguese, meet awesome Brazilian teachers, and have fun?

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